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We support our police.

The McKinney Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (MCPAAA) is a volunteer service organization whose members serve as ambassadors in the community for the McKinney Police Department


Our membership is comprised of those who have successfully completed the McKinney Citizen Police Academy, a 14-week course offered to citizens living in McKinney, Texas. 


Scroll down to learn more about how we support our McKinney Police Department!

Our Services

What We Do

The Alumni Association supports our police in many ways…

Citizens Police Academy

The Alumni Association exists because of the McKinney Citizen Police Academy. In turn, we promote the academy to citizens of McKinney. 

Recognition Programs

We fund and host retirement parties, special events, an annual cookout, and other events that recognize outstanding officers in the McKinney Police Department.

Awards & Recognition

We plan, manage and fund the annual McKinney Police Department awards banquet. Our goal is to give back to our police force, and show them support from the citizens of McKinney. 

Goodwill Ambassadors

The Alumni Association also acts as goodwill ambassadors for the McKinney Police Department

Volunteer Support Services

The Alumni Association also provides support and services to those who volunteer service to the McKinney Police Department. 

Fundraising Support

The Alumni Association promotes and manages fundraising programs that directly benefit the McKinney Police Department. 

What People Are Saying…

“The course content and the instructors for the academy were first rate and really held my attention. Being a member of the McKinney Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association and serving the community is all I can ask for. Giving back feels great.”

BR - Recent course graduate

Ready to find out more?

To contribute to our charitable work, click here. To learn more about the McKinney Citizen Police Academy, click here. And to learn more about Citizens on Patrol, click here

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